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 Master Your Emotions And
Get Out Of Your Own Way

Hi, I'm Amisha

I Help Stuck, Overwhelmed, Emotionally Exhausted Women Overcome Your Emotional Barriers To Unleash The 'PowerBabe' Within And Make Space For Magic!

I am a certified NLP Trainer & Emotional Fitness Coach. I have spent twenty years in the hotel industry. I have thrived despite of crisis situations that happen in life including the pandemic's impact on my hotel consulting business

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I am the London based founder of PowerBabe, named after what my friends call me!


I got 'christened' that name after they witnessed my life journey since I was 17, having  dealt with:

- loss of my father,

- becoming broke and worse, in debt as a result of that

- working my way up in life

- suffering abuse along the way (and feeling like I was at fault all the time)


and a lot lot more (this isn't a sob story)


and concluded that I must have been made of titanium (though I have never felt that me life's always been about finding a way as there's always a solution

- to everything).


I am a hotel industry professional and have run my own business in hotel training and consulting for years.  I am also a certified and licensed NLP Trainer and Coach and apply all the learnings to my life as well as to the trainings I conduct.


At home (is it really different from work in 2022 🤔), I am a mum to an amazing boy (yes I do coach him too) and wife to an aspiring hotel owner. 


I specialise in empowering women(and men) in becoming EMOTIONALLY FIT…to bring out their own 'PowerBabe' or 'MaleBabe' or PowerMan' version; no matter what life throws at us. more

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There is 'always a solution'

Amisha - for PowerBabe

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